Performance Art Week

Dec 2016

Bengal Arts Programme designs a performance art week displaying live art featuring 20 performance artists of diverse background for the first time. It aims to look into the multiple complexities of this ephemeral medium through discussions, performances and exhibitions.

It also raises questions such as what role does it play in cultural and political activism as opposed to white-cube spaces, how do artists materialise this non-material art, how does this medium contribute to the evolution of new languages.

Participating artists: Palash Bhattacharjee, Joydeb Roaja, Jewel A Rob, Hasna Hena Porosh, Sanad Kumar Biswas, Sharkar Nasrin Toontoon, Nazia Andaleeb Preema, Arpita Singha Lopa, Efat Razowana Reya, Sumana Akter, Reetu Sattar, Niloofar Chaman, Waley Jaff, Meherun Akter, Atish Saha, Emran Sohel, Afsana Sharmin, Farah Naz Moon, Sanjoy Chakraborty and Ashim Halder Sagor.

These artists are to be selected from a number of applications submitted in response to an Open Call.