Jamdani Festival 2019

September, 2019

The Jamdani exhibition has been organised with the sole objective of showcasing anew, one of the most precious and unique forms of art and craftsmanship from our heritage. It is imperative that we highlight and revive such treasures form our rich past, particularly in today’s modern world, and the Festival and exhibition is a testament to that. The artisans who weave these wonders and are masters in their craft, are a testament to the fact that passion, dedication, courage, patience and skill can achieve excellence even without literacy and formal education. The Festival and the exhibits showcased here is a culmination of the two years of research, exploration and technical practice in the craft of Jamdani weaving.

Jamdani is an organic art form, which, over the many years since its creation, has shifted in style and design, thanks to the many elements that have influenced the hearts and minds of the weavers of the Sitalakhya. The patterns and motifs lovingly and meticulously weaved into the fabric are representations of the patience and creative imagination of the craftsmen, who interpret their surroundings, thoughts and artistry through their unique work. Their art is an expression of the times and situation they live in. The craft, methods, innovation and technical aspects behind Jamdani have been featured throughout the exhibition.

The Festival can be interpreted as a means of paying homage to a part of our heritage, as well as to the artisans who have kept this craft alive over the years through their patience, dedication and resolve. Their work is a unique amalgamation of reality and imagination that has been skillfully crafted into the visual representation that is Jamdani.

The exhibits include rare and valuable Jamdani garments that have been painstakingly collected and brought together under one roof. These treasures not only provide glimpses into the richness of Bengali heritage, but also provide invaluable inspiration and proof that their creators are an integral part of our culture and tradition.

The combined, sincere efforts behind organising an event of this scale is to raise awareness about the fact that culture and heritage are undeniable parts of the human identity that provide so much depth and richness and it is this awareness that resonates throughout the Festival.