Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya: Anarchy and the Blue

Mar, 2012

Interlaced with satire and surrealist hints, the work of Suvaprasanna is rooted in the layered realities of his only real subject: his native Kolkata. This exhibition reflects the artist's obsession with the place and its gradual transformation from being Calcutta to Kolkata There he belongs in its architecture – humble dwellings as well as palatial bungalows, its urban milieu, its thriving culture and, of course, its variously tainted socio-political under currents to which Anarchy and the Blue alludes on multiple occasions. The artist's ominous bestiary is also present in the canvases and etchings on view here – animals each differently born, composed, textured, colored and winged. Shuvaprasanna's signature crow is omnipresent, occasionally perched on house tops for some respite or searching for some crumbs amidst the litter. What remains among the structures, the faces and the beasts is an insistent feeling of anguish and agony.

Bengal Art Lounge, Dhaka

Partnership: Akar Prakar in Kolkata