Mustafa, Shuvo: Automated Subjectivity

Aug, 2013

Visual artists, art writers but first and foremost agitators, Mustafa Zaman and RafiqulSuvo posit for this exhibition that the automation of subjectivity is a defining condition of our times. Akin to a form of schizophrenia – and there is indeed an inherent contradiction in the idea of a subjectivity that somehow surrenders to automation – the decay finds its roots in an acute form of compulsive consumerism born out of the need to possess what is evasive and unattainable. What remains is the rump of a subject, neither entirely human nor automate, "docile and subservient to the existing social design congenial to the circulation of capital" as Mustafa puts it. The edgy digital prints, sardonic collages and complex installations scattered in the gallery are the signs of our ailment.

Bengal Art Lounge