Howard Hodgkin: Painterly Prints

April, 2013

Drawn from the holdings of the British Council Collection in the UK, this exhibition presents key examples from Hodgkin’s print oeuvre alongside the significant oil painting ‘StiIl Life in a Restaurant’ (1973). Hodgkin is renowned as a painter for building layer upon layer of expressive and vivid colour. Although the artist famously dislikes the lack of spontaneity and the hassle of making prints – the logistic it involves, the time it demands... – there is a striking consistency in his painting and printmaking processes. Hodgkin uses both mediums as a natural conduit to express emotions.

The works on display are a chaos of abstract forms – splashes, blobs, dots, shapes and clashes of bright, bold colours which now merge, now separate, seemingly without logic or reason. Haphazard brushstrokes or precisely configured? Images captured in the moment or in a state of flux? Merging or clashing shapes? There seems to be no definite answer, just emotions.

Bengal Art Lounge