Dilara Begum Jolly: Threads of Testimony

Aug – Sept 2014

Threads of Testimony continues Dilara Begum Jolly's exploration of recurring themes in her oeuvre: the singularity of the feminine condition, its confrontation with dominant orders, its tension with motherhood. Several works in the exhibition specifically echo the the condition of women in the garment industry, a theme the artist has increasingly felt bound to as tragedies such as the Tazreen Fashions factory fire or the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory (to name only those having made the most headlines in the press) continue to unfold in Bangladesh, of which most victims are women.

The only touches of color in the exhibition come from the artist's video-works. Dilara Begum Jolly's use of the camera is informed by her practice as a performance artist and her videos are conceived as performing acts enhanced by the multiple possibilities of digital recording.

Bengal Art Lounge