Mahbubur Rahman: Dust to Dust

Mar, 2015

Mahbubur Rahman's "Dust to Dust" is a mid-career survey of Bangladesh visual arts’ enfant terrible. The exhibition blends new works with rarely seen pieces of significance. First exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2011, the installation "I was told to say these words" is shown for the first time in Bangladesh. The series Sounds from Nowhere, iteration on the theme of the violin, poignantly evokes the Rana Plaza tragedy during which 1134 garment worker, mainly women, died in the collapse of their factory in 2013. Photographs of his key performance Transformation (2004), where he wrapped his body in a tightly knotted net of ropes surmounted by the horns of a bull are displayed alongside a newly created metallic sculpture recalling the same form. “Dust to Dust” is Rahman's first solo exhibition in Bangladesh since 2007.

Bengal Art Lounge, Dhaka