Dhali Al Mamoon: Time Coincidence & History

Jan - Mar, 2016 

"Time, Coincidence and History" is the latest iteration of Dhali Al Mamoon’s exploration of politics, society and history in South Asia. The exhibition presents an ambitious set of new works, including several large-scale installations and kinetic objects. It proposes a multi-sensory inquiry into the past and present condition of fellow South Asians. Objects of power - a throne, several crowns and sceptres - cast with tea, indigo and cloves allude to the artist’s long-standing interest with the complex legacies of colonisation and its enduring impact on the local psyche. "Time, Coincidence and History" is a holistic investigation of material, form, symbol and subject and the complex web of links that bind them together - an open-ended examination that all viewers are invited to engage with.

Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, Dhaka